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How to Begin With DAS

Create a business case for deploying a DAS framework for your organization

  • Assess the value of adopting a DAS approach
    • Identify your current organizational challenges with IT 
    • Determine how DAS will address these challenges 
  • Show how a DAS framework will:
    • Make your IT more sustainable 
    • Enable citizen developers/domain experts to contribute to digital transformation 
    • Streamline current operations to eliminate problems and bottlenecks 
    • Identify opportunities to develop new products and grow market share 

Define an Enterprise Architectural Framework for DAS

  • Build on the content from this website to define:
    • Principles 
    • Standards and Processes 
    • Service Areas and separation of concerns 
    • Security Model and Privacy considerations 
    • Scalability, High Availability, Disaster Recovery 
  • Determine how you will implement and deploy your services
    • Platform: Network, Servers, Cloud Services, etc. 
    • DevOps Technology and IDEs 
    • Languages and Libraries 

Build or Buy Core Components

  • Data at Rest
    • Record Storage 
    • File Storage 
  • Data Presentation
    • Dynamic Page Builders
      • Web, Mobile, Desktop 
  • Data in Motion
    • Common data migration 
    • Common data connectors
      • Email, Message Queues, Hubs, other connectors 
  • Data in Action
    • Custom workflow
      • REST APIs, OS Services, Stored Procedures, other components