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About Us

The Data Agnostic Services site was created by Tony Nicholls and Rob Halasz to share a new architectural paradigm with the software development community. Tony and Rob hope the framework and ideas presented on this site will help others architect and develop sustainable solutions.

Tony Nicholls

  • Tony started working in the IT industry in 1985 initially building smart weapons systems for the UK military. 
  • Tony became a consultant  in 1988 specializing in code generation techniques, advanced solution architectures, software testing/QA and what later came to be known as DevOps. 
  • Tony moved into financial systems design in 1991 and has since consulted in many industry verticals including: healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, avionics, banking, property management, transportation, non-profit. 
  • Over the years Tony has worked through multiple architectural paradigms including: JSP/DFD/Object. Oriented/Service Oriented and Microservice Architectures 
  • Tony’s focus has always been on rescuing failing projects using innovative approaches to deliver the business value with minimal cost and risk. 
  • Tony co-founded Great Ideaz On Demand Inc. in 2010 with the aim of productizing decades of practical experience into an architectural framework for building sustainable business solutions. 
  • Tony has evolved the Microservice Architecture into a set of principles for building Data Agnostic Services that overcome many of the challenges building traditional applications. 
  • Tony has an honors BSc in Physics from Durham University UK, honors BSc in Mathematic from Open University UK, and diploma in Adult Education 

Rob Halasz

  • Since 1996, Rob has been leading IT teams across both large and small tech companies in software development and telecommunications.   
  • Rob has extensive technical experience with IT systems administration and operations as well as managing large software development projects. 
  • Rob has led multi-million dollar programs for some of the largest organizations in Canada, and has provided advisory services to various industries, including Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Non-profit, and Government. 
  • Throughout his career, Rob has had to bring failing projects from the “brink” to a successful implementation. 
  • As the co-founder of Great Ideaz On Demand Inc., Rob has helped influence and shape the flagship product, trellispark (a mature implementation of DAS), to provide tremendous value to their customers.   
  • Rob holds a B.A.Sc. Engineering from the University of Toronto, Project Management Professional (PMP), as well as several other technical certifications.