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Data in Action

Nano-Service Components
  • Primary Concern is the manipulation of data to deliver value
  • User authentication and authorization required for secure access
  • Allows for the efficient development of nano-service components
    • Each configurable component can provide a single operation
    • Minimal required functionality to achieve the desired result
    • Easily designed, built, tested, versioned, deployed and replaced
  • All nano-service components have direct access to Data at Rest
    • All record data is persisted to the Data at Rest service area (System of Record)
    • No record data is stored by the nano-service components
  • Can use any technology that can be invoked and connect to Data at Rest, for example:
    • Databases: T-SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, etc
    • Server based APIs: any programming language that supports RPCs
    • Web APIs: any programming stack that supports TCP/IP
    • Operating System Services
    • Cloud Services: Serverless functions, workflow/orchestration engines, etc
  • Can be triggered by:
    • Users interacting with interfaces
    • Updates on the records
    • Arrival of messages or events
  • Can be scheduled by:
    • Database service agents
    • Operating System Timers
    • Polling background operating system services