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The Rise of Fusion IT

Low-Code/No-Code, RPA, Citizen Developers and Domain Experts

There are simply not enough professional software developers to meet growing business demand using traditional approaches. To meet this growing demand, there is a need to embrace non-professional developers. Many GUI tools such as SaaS-based low-code / no-code applications and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) software are enabling citizen developers and domain experts to help businesses achieve digital transformations. This evolution to provide powerful tools to business professionals is changing the role of IT and introduces new challenges to overcome.

The danger of Citizen developers / domain experts building their own applications include:

  • The data they create is fragmented across application silos
  • The data created may not be properly backed up, shared across the organization, or secured
  • The data may be duplicated or become stale/orphaned

Citizen developers / domain experts are an opportunity that should be embraced by:

  • Becoming a part of the overall architecture and implementation
  • Enabling them to tap into centralized data by exposing secure API connectors
  • Assisting with enhancements to business processes and automated workflows

DAS Architecture is Part of the Solution

  • Promotes a simple architecture and implementation that can be understood by a citizen developer or domain expert
  • Greatly simplifies the work of the experienced professional developers and business analysts improving productivity and performance focusing on the high value tasks
  • Easily extended to provide the custom connections that citizen developers need to bridge the back-end applications into no-code / low-code platforms